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Sweet! You’ve found ChocolateSEO! We invite you to take a look around (maybe take a nibble or two) and see how smooth SEO & SEM can be.

Everyone loves Chocolate!


What is CSEO?

ChocolateSEO is an SEO/SEM consulting firm created by the SEO Specialist Aaron Christopher Turner. Chris, along with his network of specialists, offers a variety of services to help you, your company, and any website find and maximize web-based marketing opportunities, hence our helpful tag: “find your marketing sweet spot.”

As in a box of chocolates, there is guess work in picking which chocolate (or in this case consultant) you would like to have. If you pick the wrong one you might end up with an undesirable taste in your mouth or even worse, a loss in potential customers, valuable time and money! Our goal at CSEO is to involve and inform our clients about Internet marketing so together we can make informed decisions that are data driven and meet your tastes.


So what does a SEO Specialist actually ‘DO?’

Basically, an ‘SEO’ or SEO specialist as some refer to us as, are responsible for identifying opportunities where we can further our clients’ online brand through a number of technology and strategy based techniques such as but not limited to improved site crawl-ability, link building, content sculpting, social media and pay-per-click advertising.

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A. Chris TurnerAbout the Author: Chris Turner is also known as ChocolateSEO. CSEO is Chris' Nashville search marketing and consulting service offering a variety of services to help you, your company and any website maximize web-based marketing opportunities. He is the father of three girls, one boy (finally) and husband to the wonderful Savannah. Join the author's circle: Chris Turner on Google+.