The Monotony of Life…

Posted by on Apr 16, 2009 in divorce

I normally write about politics, science or simply the state of the world. However, I am feeling a little on the poetic and reflective side so I thought the world might like to share in my contemplative rambling. I write poetry on occassion and wrote one about my eldest daughter, Makenzy. For a while we were seperated due to time, space and laws (divorce is ugly). In that time one has tons of time to reflect on what matters and in that I wrote this poem.

Sunflower’s Bloom

Hair of curls, eyes of pearls

My little daughter, my little girl.

On small wings you fly, into the atmosphere

No worries, on concerns

Nothing to fear.

Though you soar over all,

I shall stay, in case you fall.

Your beauty is undeniable,

Your intelligence indefinable.

Just as the sun shall shine,

My flower shall bloom in due time.

Its feels good to share these thoughts with the world. Maybe I’ll add a few more time to time to balance out the whole title thing… America, Science and life.

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