Managing Christianity Christianly

Posted by on Jan 22, 2009 in cultural diversity

Everyone is different; this is a very simple explanation of every problem, issues, or conflict that one encounters throughout one’s life. Dwight L. Moody said it best when he said, “God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves.” When one focuses on only what he or she can get out of or obtain from another person or situation they loose the opportunity to acquire more knowledge. Currently, most individuals spend 70% of their non-resting time dealing with work related issues. The work place offers the biggest opportunity for success or failure in relation to communication and understanding. In this analysis, one should focus on one paramount question: how well do persons work well with others.

‘Freedom of Expression’ refers to an individual or collective right of enunciation or representation (the saying of “it,” the doing of “it” or the making of “it”). Where as the UNESCO’s definition of cultural diversity, as mentions previously, is the manner in which the “it” is used, displayed, or incorporated individually or collectively in a culture according to Robert Albro in 2005. The United Nations Development Program created a report in 2004 discussing cultural diversity in societies and work centers, their conclusion was, “Managing Cultural Diversity is one of the central challenges of our time.” Although diversity offers strengths in education and knowledge of a vast work force, it has drawbacks when facing opposition or a company’s ‘bottom-line.’

So managers, such as myself have to learn how to face the changes in culture and ideals without offending our employees sensibilities. I am extremely sensitive myself, to the point of being empathic. But, as with most Christians, I am willing to criticize anyone that asks. But aside from most, I understand that I can dish it but can’t take it. Which makes me a strong manager upfront, but weak on the back end.

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