A Comment on Commitment

Posted by on Sep 3, 2010 in Social Studies

In reviewing my life over the the last year, seeing as my birthday is coming up soon, I have some advise for managers out there. Expectations and making commitments are often big parts of the professional environment, but over-commitment is also a big part of it as well. Why? Because so many people do it. That’s why the professional world is stressed out and over worked!

Over-committing seems to be a big issue with a lot of companies. It often comes from a lack of knowing what is actually going on at the employee level and just how much work goes into each task. I would have to say however, that setting the right expectation is not only a managerial duty but an employee duty as well. If a manager gives employees his trust, that they will do the job they were hired to do – within their skill set, then they have a responsibility to ensure that the expectations of his or her manager are realistic. Not that all managers will listen to the complaints of the personnel under them, but from an ethical standpoint, the employee is justified and can have a clear conscience.

Remember, expectations have to come from somewhere, better that you set them – than someone else setting them for you.

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