Search Engine Optimization

Although search engine optimization (SEO) is a pretty common term, and has even been turned into a verb like ‘Google’, it is still misunderstood. SEO is the act of implementing changes and strategies to present a given web site or page for a set of relevant topics and/or keywords. In short, SEO is optimizing a website for the web – like a mechanic builds, repairs, maintains, and prepares a car for the highway. This does not mean that SEO involves everything that is ‘web.’ SEO is not all inclusive – doing just ‘SEO’ will not provide as much value (ROI) as incorporating it into a larger, full -scale business strategy. At CSEO, SEO really means optimize. Our SEO work focuses on four key areas:

Onsite Optimization – the popular titles, meta description and keyword tags; as well as other opportunities such as redirects, technical advantages, image optimization, site architecture, and onsite link structure.

Conversion optimization – In this element we focus on ensuring the current site is an effective tool for converting traffic (why ask for more visitors if the site doesn’t work?). During conversion optimization, we look at calls-to-actions, forms, phone numbers and click to chat, landing pages and exit pages, as well as the overall user experience.

Crawlability – Just as conversion optimization looks at the site from the perspective of a user, we also look at the website from the perspective of the crawlers. How easy is the content on the site to access, read, and index? Often, image-heavy or all flash sites look fantastic and have high user appeal, but are not ‘safe’ for crawlers. What good is a great website, if no one sees it? We also look to answer questions like ‘Why are there pages that only web crawlers can access or only users can?’ ‘Is there text hidden behind images or the same color as the background?’ We look for issues that only the robots may see.

Content value – Optimizing a website starts and ends with content. Content is, and for the foreseeable future, will always be KING. Your website’s content is the soul of the site – no matter how you dress it up or how many bells and whistles it is covered in, the content is what users and robots are looking for and looking at. Good content conveys your message and great content compels action, while excellent content motivates others to work for you. Aside from optimizing the content for crawlability, readability and keyword opportunities, Chocolate SEO will also offer insight into how to make your content as effective as possible.