Explaining Web Data and Crawling

Posted by on Jan 30, 2018 in Partners

There are many ways to explain how Google operates and scans websites to include in the search index. Most SEOs uses the idea of physical spiders, buckets (great for the discussion of link juice too), and schematics. One website article that offers a great deep dive into how crawling works and how businesses can make use of their own tools to index web content/data is Connotate. In the article, Targeted Web Data Extraction – The Right Choice When the Data Matters, Connotate’s team explains how data is gathered by crawlers, scrapers, and applications that is then used by businesses, like Google, to provide insight, answer questions, or offer information associated with a key concept.

The Difference Between Web Crawling and Web Data Extraction (Web Scraping)

Web crawling is done by software called spiders: They go directly to a URL and locate information: The words from the source code are targeted and indexed before being added to a database. Subsequently, all the hyperlinks on the page are followed and added to the database.

For the full article, visit Connotate: https://www.connotate.com/targeted-web-data-extraction-right-choice-data-matters/

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