An Interracial America

Posted by on Jan 21, 2009 in black students, cultural differences, interracial relationships

Slowly a man meanders down the street, quietly humming to himself along a crowded Los Angeles intersection. He is dressed in a pullover black blazer and gray slacks, clean shaven. The only detracting marks are three tattoos, one on each shoulder and one on his left arm, all hidden by his blazer. Reaching a stoplight, he presses the button for the cross walk and waits. After waiting a moment, he is authorized to walk, crossing at the same pace he hears car doors lock beside him as he crosses. At the same time a couple enters the cross walk, seeing him the female hugs tight to the man beside her.

The man smiles and tips an imaginary hat, the woman cringes. The woman nor the cars know that this man is a doctor that may one day save their lives, but he does not mind what is obvious, he has earned his degree and will do what he has learn to do should the moment arise. It takes more than money to reach a degree, it takes passion and a love for education; but money is needed. Aside from the stereotyping of society, what other issues face the black community, in particular, the black college student?

That prior illustration may seem like a version of the opening for the movie Crash but that was a personal experience of my own. Cultural differences will always exist due to the number of societies and ethnic backgrounds. Cultures experience change, growth, and progress but it is societies that cause deterioration of communication and unity. Ethnic burdens also last for generations, seeming almost to become genetic. My family is no exception to this pattern. Although my Grandmother grew up in the heat of slavery and survived the dissolving of segregation she stood apart from all my other Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles in her beliefs of equality. The value she instilled in me was the fact that all men and women are equal and it is only the spirit contained in the flesh that is truly unique.

We have an African American president now, but has the world or even America actually “Changed” will it ever, before it all ends…

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