My Ideas on Online Marketing (part one)

Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in effective online marketing, internet marketing, mmu, online marketing

There comes a time in every Internet Marketer’s career where you look at what you’re doing and what you should be doing. I need to segway in this blog to get myself back on track by putting it out there that I am not marketing right now, just looking for feedback, ideas and direction. Nevertheless, these are my thoughts on how to use online marketing and some ideas combined from peaking in and hearing the conversations between giants over the last month. (Notes for safe keeping in my own blog… really.)

Marketing Online 101

First, one should have a collegiate understanding of what it means to be a search engine marketer and why twitter is viable. In addition to an efficacious keyword targeting system… have I lost you yet? I should have, if not then you are a true marketer and not a people person. Marketing online involves one very vital aspect; not how black hat or white hat you are, how many followers you have or friend request you send out daily; its about targeting an audience. Giving them what they are looking for honestly (bad press/’word of mouth’ is bad press, just like bad breath is bad breath), with a focus on respectability in information.

Its good to have a Marketing Degree for doing Online Marketing, just as an Information Technology Degree is useful in designing a social media system; but that teen sitting in her room after being grounded for sneaking out can do more effective marketing than some 40 something Marketer with a MSIT could in a week. Why? Because of the nature of this beast. It takes understanding, integration, and networking value. Sure you can blast emails, or tweet your head off, but if everyone deletes your email or never follows your ‘bird’ channel, you’re wasting your time.

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