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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in advertising strategy, internet marketing, Marketing

Raven SEO ToolsRaven Tools continues to improve upon a product that many individuals, SEOs, and agencies rely on for developing well thought out, data-driven Internet marketing strategies. The latest endeavor to come from the Raven camp: Raven CRM.

Many of us in the marketing industry know the value Raven provides through their suite in terms of link building, keyword tracking, competitive analysis, and so much more. As Google, Bing, and other indexing services continue putting more emphasis on the value of social media, Raven is looking to provide users of their tool set with another innovative solution to maximize social media.

The unique CRM, links into the existing suite and is integrated to provide a method for pulling in contact details from social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  This allows administrators and users to connect link building profiles with contacts, leveraging the relationships for better results. This is why the CRM does not stand for Customer Relationship Manager, but Contact Relationship Manager – it’s pulling in contacts and leads (we’ll get to that) not ‘only’ existing customers.

Along with integrations with the current Raven tools you may or may not be familiar with, the CRM accommodates online web form platforms like Wufoo and MailChimp to pull in leads.

On May 10th, Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Raven Internet Marketing Tools held a webinar to introduce users to the Raven CRM. Here are a few of my personal highlights:

Raven CRM Walkthrough

  • Use the CRM to pull in contact data from any social profiles: such as twitter, business website, facebook, etc.
  • You can identify links that you have established with/or in conjunction with a given contact.
  • Setup tasks related to users to remind you about the type of interaction you need to engage in with a user.
  • The CRM has shortcuts to engage users from within Raven Tools – such as tweeting a user.

Link Building:
Under the CRM, any contacts you add can also be identified with links the user has established via social mediums.

Using an email service like Wufoo or Chimp, you can pull in the contact form leads and manage contact details. Converting leads into contacts using the system. Contact records also support the system’s tags as well. The CRM currently uses the default email client, but more options are in development – as always.

For the official story and details of the CRM and to learn more about Raven SEO Tools visit


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  1. Hi Chris! Not sure why it took me so long to find your awesome post on Raven’s new CRM, but we appreciate it so much! I hope you’re finding lots of good uses for our new functionality, and as you get to know it please let us know what you’d like to see in the future. Thanks again!

  2. No worries Courtney! You ladies and gents have been too busy innovating to be worried about little ol’ me! Ha, but I appreciate the comment, the work y’all do and the fact that you probably came across my post using your own product. 😀