Advertising in Multiple Baskets… A Necessity

Posted by on Aug 23, 2009 in advertising strategy, changes in marketing, über search

Finally, a moment to breathe has returned. The last month and a half has been filled with personal challenges and tons of combat missions flown over enemy territory. Suffice it to say, no nukes were dropped but I did have to do some carpet bombing (No any animals harmed in the writing of this post, though).

Anyway, back to business; with economic woes and marketing being a big part of any company’s budget, it begs to question; what avenues should advertisers use and what could hinder the effectiveness?

One avenue that most would use is radio; a more costly but highly effective second is television. But with the advances in technology, do these avenues still maintain their cost effectiveness? The answer… no.

How can I say such a thing, simply… technology is a blessing with a double edge. With the ever evolving communications capacity of everything from netbooks, cell phones, PDA’s, XBoxes and Playstations it is hard for advertisers to find ad points that get the message across effectively to there demographic. The market has changed so dramatically, it is impossible to pin-point advertising like it once was in the 1980’s.

At one point in time, one could pick up a Wall Street Journal and know who it was geared for. Turn on the radio and choices were limited to sports, talk, rock and roll, R&B and public radio. Television was simple and very basic compared to the millions of channels beamed into our homes daily. I remember a time, hard to believe, but television went off.

So, what is this all to say? There are so many channels of advertising that anyone wanting to make a drop in the bucket has to be prepared to spread the wealth. Nothing will truly come of marketing in one area, with a small budget. Nowadays, radio will lead one to television, television will lead to a Google or Yahoo search, and the search engine results will lead to a site where; if interested, the individual will take an action. This is a lot of work not only for the individual but the marketer and their client(s).

Suffice it to say, marketing, just like television, will never be the same. Just as we now can do an über search on the internet; marketing must be über-faceted for the audience attention spans as it dwindles and fades.

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