Yext adds Google+ Support, Finally

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Local Optimization

Yext adds Google. Start syncing 2/16

For those of us marketers that have used Yext, the need for easier integration of Google local pages has been a sticking point for years. Although support has existed for setting up Yext to allow business owners and web marketers to allow Yext access to their Google+ profiles for posting to the Page of their choice, it has never synced listings on Google. The difference is around the valuable NAP information used to ensure citations align to the business in question along with promoting specials, the website, and other pertinent information. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number and sometimes website (just like “Y” in the alphabet). However more often than not, the website is a key element.

Each year Yext adds new partners and valuable services. By adding Google syncing services, they are now allowing users to sync to the largest search engine system in the world, literally. Google has roughly 70% of the search market and continues to put more emphasis on local and mobile. Syncing with Google make Yext viable for local lead generation as well as reinvigorates the value of the service to B2B services that resell the solution for directory management.

According to the launch email, the sync option should be available on February 16th. Along with syncing, the integration will include:

  • Rapidly update location data around closings or changes to opening hours across Google platforms (search, plus, and Maps).
  • Control the data Google receives about your clients’ locations and ensure it is always consistent, authoritative, and up-to-date.
  • Manage information on Google My Business and across the web from a single interface using the Yext Location Management Platform.

There are a number of solutions that provide this type of service, WhiteSpark, SignPost, YellowPages, etc. So, what platform do you use (if, any) for this types of service?

The Wrapper

Sure, it’s been years since Google Maps came out and even more since the transitions from Maps to Local and Local to Google+ and Google+ to Google My Business, but hey, sometimes APIs aren’t easy to manage. It’s great that Yext is finally adding this functionality. For the sake of honesty, I do use Yext, but this isn’t a paid post and I have little dog in this fight. If there is a more worthwhile solution, I’d love to hear about it! Vendesta was a potential replacement, but just like BrightEdge for SEO, for the pricing and the SMB clientele C.SEO serves, it was a little pricy and more work than value at that level. #QuantityvsSize


Following the launch webinar, Yext has released the webinar recording along with details on how to integrate the Google+ Page into your Yext account. View the webinar (and the C.SEO shoutout) or follow the login link if you have a Yext account and ready to sync Google! You’ll need to still verify listings in Google but updates and changes can be made in Yext once syncing is linked up.


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