A little on Database Interfaces

Posted by on Oct 28, 2011 in web development

In recent years the use of web based applications has resulted in a number of useful application technologies. As the book, Database Systems explains, there are several application interfaces that provide DB generated information (Coronel & Robb, 2005). In my work I work with Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Common Gateway Interfaces (CGI) which both use dynamic commands to communicate with an established database. CGI is beneficial when wanting a dynamic and scalable solution for a limited number of active users. While API reduces the server load but reduces the ability to be universal across multiple browsers. ODBC otherwise known as Open Database Connectivity, is a Microsoft SQL Access Group CLI that retrieves information from a number of relational databases using SQL. Because ODBC is Windows based, it is integrateble with a number of Windows environments because of the common DLLs. The web offers a means for collaboration and unlimited scalability but without the available DB interfaces, growth would be limited.

Robb, P., & Coronel, C. M. (2005). Database systems design, implementation, and management. Boston, MA: Course Technology.

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