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This is a Guest Post, created by Aaron with ChatWing. (Not Sponsored)

A more lively way of interacting with people over the Internet – that is what makes chatting so fun to do. People flock over social media sites like Facebook and chat with their friends and colleagues whenever they have something important to say or just want to say hello. This is also the reason why it is important that other sites should have a means of communicating with their viewers through live chat – because it makes them know what their clients wants much better. For site owners that want to augment their site with a chatting tool, ChatWing can give them a great solution – ChatWing chat software.


The chatting tool ChatWing has is very reliable and is always up-to-date. The developers are constantly improving it so it can deliver a better performance to its users. However, ChatWing still retains its very easy chatroom set-up and use. The chat software can be embedded in a site after a simple copy and paste procedure. And managing it is even simpler.

ChatWing comes with a bunch of features – all of which will compliment the tool greatly. It comes with a very lenient logging system for its chatters. They can choose between six options to join the chat app – four of these by way of their social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google (the others being ChatWing and Guest). The user however, can limit the usage of these options to whichever he sees fit.

The chatroom is highly modifiable, with almost all its parts open for customization. There also so many options to choose from so the user can have the freedom to personalize the chatroom to meet his requirements. He can either change the fonts being used – its style, size and even color. The appearance of the chatroon is even changeable and ChatWing also allows music to be embedded in it for added entertainment.

The chatroom is also fitted with excellent security features the user needs in order to manage it. He can ban people from using the chatroom with ease and delete their previous messages. He can block profanity by putting up word filters. The user can also assign moderators that can also assist him in managing the site to make the job much easier.

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ChatWing still has a lot to offer and it just gets better over time. Site owners will never regret having one on their site as it will only deliver only the best chatting experience for them and their chatters.

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Have you used ChatWing? Have you used a different solution? I am interested to see what the regular users of this and other services like Click to Chat or nGage, feel are the best services out there.

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