Hey Google! Checks in the Mail: You Owe Google $1500 and some Change.

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Google Updates

Notifications are being sent to several hundred individuals that they now owe Google, Inc. $1,500 US + applicable taxes. What for?! Google Glass. Those being notified have actually been selected to join a small group of aptly named ‘Explorers’ (#GlassExplorers) that tweeted Google’s Project Glass twitter account (@ProjectGlass) with the hashtag, #IfIHadGlass. Google started notifying selected participants late Wednesday with messages like:

Google Glass Explorer Twitter notification

Google Glass: The Explorer Edition

Towards the end of February, Google announced that Project Glass would be looking for select individuals to test out the new product, in real world settings, to provide useful feedback. The announcement was made in association with an introductory video featuring footage of what it is like to use Glass along with a website containing the details of entry into the participation program, www.google.com/glass.

According to a tweet from Project Glass, the participants are being notified over the next couple of days and in coming weeks the details of the Explorer Program will be released via direct message (DM) using Twitter. The selection process has been done using Twitter and Google+, showing that Google is aware of where their target audience and suitable participants are.

Meaning, that if you wanted to participate and were not notified in the first batch, there may still be a chance you may be selected.

Of course, no contest happens without it’s share of disqualified participants:


The Wrapper

If you were selected, congratulations!! Dust off your traveling shoes and blog, count out your cash money and get ready to be famous; Google Glass is calling. The Explorer Edition is the first version of the product and it can be assumed that as time passes there will be different versions of the Glass product, hopefully with varying functions and price tags.

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