Google Sightings In Nashville

Posted by on Apr 21, 2013 in Google Maps

Google is everywhere! Most people know that fact. Google is dominating search, piloting free internet service, on mobile devices and taking over small islands in the Sea of Gibraltar. Alright, that last one wasn’t true but you get the point. Now, it may just be time for a Nashville refresh but there have been increased sightings of Google Map mobiles throughout the metro area. According to other keen-eyed Tennesseans, the Google Map camera-equipped Subarus have been sighted in Green Hills, The Gulch, East Nashville and a few other locations. I came across the vehicle below while driving through Brentwood.

Google Map vehicle in Nashville

These vehicles are used in a number of ways by the Google Maps section of Google, Inc. The mapping system reportedly collects a number of data points aside from just the street-view images and global position satellite (GPS) coordinates. In an article published in the Guardian, an audit requested by the German data protection agency revealed that Google was collecting Wi-Fi information at the least. Other data that could be collected by these vehicles could be anything from device MAC addresses and IP addresses to cellular networks signals, who knows but Google.

The Wrapper

Call me ‘star struck’ but this happened to be my first encounter with the Google Maps crew. Have you captured a Google Map mobile or spotted one? We’re interested in seeing your pictures or hearing your stories about where you spotted them. Maybe there is a general refresh going on or maybe this is Nashville-centric; only time and the Maps will tell.

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