Penguin 3.0 Is Here!

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Algo Changes

The last Penguin update occurred in October of 2013. We saw some signals a new update of Google’s link quality component of the algorithm was coming. Before most Google updates are implemented, there are changes that happen with the SERPs, fluctuations in the number of search impressions, link changes in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), and a few other signals. As of October 21st, Penguin 3.0 is being released, worldwide. It should impact 1% of all US English queries according to Pierre Far of Google UK. The roll out will last several weeks as it is implemented across all of Google’s search platform.



Although this Penguin update is given a full version number, it is being referred to as a refresh; only it is a refresh on a global scale. Most SEOs believe this refresh is focused on determining the value of links in guest posts and blog networks to a further extent than the first iterations of the update. However, the focus was to also help sites doing well in the link-building category a slight boost in search visibility.

The Wrapper

In the Penguin’s last update, several websites were hit with penalties and Google offered a link disavow tool to help webmasters communicate with Google concerning links the website owner does not endorse. Penguin’s latest update shouldn’t impact most businesses or websites that are not pursing paid links, spam links, advertorials, link networks or other links that violate Google’s quality guidelines.

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