Chocolate and You: Healthier than you know

Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in chocolate

As a bit of a diversion, a co-worker came across a wonderful article about chocolate. Not one to turn down anything ‘chocolate’ related, I found it quite interesting.

Chocolate, in all shapes and forms, has usually gotten a bad wrap when it comes to health. Don’t get me wrong, it is addicting and isn’t the best snack food because of chocolate’s affinity to calories – but who wants to eat celery and peanut butter all the time! Enter BBC News and a recently publish research paper concerning the other type of ‘chocolate,’ the edible kind.

In the study reported by the BBC and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a recent study showed a link between the body mass index and the consumption of chocolate. The study points out that no matter the variables, such as regular exercise, the BMI for individuals that consume chocolate regularly was lower than for those that only partake of the sweet on an irregular basis. The article goes on to say and clarify that the link is only suggested, not explicit, as no concrete data exist to support the conclusion as fact. But, oh, one day we can hope the scientific method proves what we all believe: chocolate is a health food that should be taken at least twice daily!

Read the full article by visiting BBC News:

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