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Social Media

Updates on Social Media Strategies & Updates on Facebook Organic Reach

As 2016 comes to a close (good riddance, too!) We’ve seen some significant updates to the way that people are using social media in 2017. We’ve also noticed some declines in Facebook posts’ Organic Reach, which we’ll cover in this post, too. Let’s get started! What’s Trending? Well, a lot of the same stuff that we saw in 2016, but with a continued emphasis on mobile. I.M. ME Facebook is pushing their messenger app harder than ever, and all of the top instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, HeyTell, and Viber) have more users than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram according to Forbes. That’s a HUGE pool of people, and millennials are driving this trend. Messaging is their preferred form of communication. Marketers are also taking notice. A lot of Facebook ads now come with a chat feature, and service websites are seeing similar popup chat-boxes. Users want to connect directly with your brands, so if you don’t already have a bot in place like to contact a new follower via message, you may want to consider something like Botsify or Chatfuel that gets the conversation started (It’s also worth nothing that these bots are a trend in themselves, also making the rounds in social conversations and message boards.) EVERYONE’S STREAMING Another big trend expected to grow in 2017 are Live Videos. Instagram introduced their live video feed this year, and Facebook live launched. Candace Payne went viral with her Chewbacca mask, and Facebook and Instagram are backing these live video efforts. Facebook’s algorithm pushes live video to the top of your feed (and more on why you’re seeing what you’re seeing in your Facebook feed and the decline of organic reach in a second,) and Instagram notifies you when a friend stars a live message. Now even major news and media sites are using live video on their feeds. Ok, so you’re messaging, you have your live videos – but my posts aren’t reaching as far as they used to! No, they aren’t. Facebook updated their newsfeed algorithm for a few reasons: One is that there is too much content being published to Facebook. More than a billion people use Facebook, and with all of those posts, photos or updates, it’s harder for content to show up on your feed for any significant amount of time. This led to the next reason for the algorithm change: Facebook’s algorithm update prioritizes posts from family and friends. Users are getting content more specifically for them, as opposed to all of the content that could show up on your feed. You’ll notice ads based on recent online searches or page likes, and the rest of the posts from people you have followed. This is to prevent users from getting overwhelmed from the sheer amount of content in their feeds, and to help users get content that is specifically tailored to them. However, you can counteract these changes a little bit with something you already have in your SEO toolbox: Keep publishing quality content. Being more selective about your posts means your followers will notice an update. The Wrapper Boost posts for maximum reach. All it takes is $10-$20 to get a lot more reach, and if you boost high-quality posts that are doing well on their own, you’ll maximize your dollars spent. Also, periodically remind your followers/page fans that they can update their settings to see your content in their news feeds. We’ve all come to expect a simple “Like, share and subscribe!” with our posts or as outros to our videos, and that simple of a call to action can be...

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Instagram expands advertising and support with Instagram Partners and connects Facebook

Instagram started as a simple photo sharing site. Once Facebook got involved, purchasing the 2-year old company for $715 million (first reported as 1 Billion), their intention was always to turn a profit. With the creation of Instagram Partner Program, Facebook/Instagram steps into their next evolution. Instagram started as an iPhone app on October 6, 2010. Ads, more of a type of sponsored posts, went live on Instagram on a few weeks ago, going global on September 30, 2015. The advertising update allowed for delivery of ads across both Facebook and Instagram (more info on that). Instagram Partners is similar to Google’s Adwords support where business partners have been given the authority to act as agents for Google. Instagram Partner Program is starting off with 40 partners that are specializing in three categories for businesses: ad tech which focuses on planning, buying, and optimizing ads. Community management, specializing in engagement and interaction with communities. Content marketing, which supports curation of content and sharing on the social platform. Make sure to read up on the ad platform and partners on the Instagram Tumblr page, Instagram for...

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Facebook Cuts The Fat – No More Fakers

Have you noticed a drop in your Facebook likes and/or your followers? If so, you are not alone. On March 12th, Facebook implemented a trim to there system to reduce the number of spammers, inactive accounts, and fake accounts. In doing so, many pages saw a drop in 5-12% of their likes and followers. The numbers for everyone is different but everyone may have seen some sort of drop. This should be viewed as a positive change from Facebook. By removing the ‘illusion’ of more followers, users can trust the number of likes and followers; improving the credibility of the social platform, as a whole. If you haven’t leveraged the authority provided by user engagement and reviews, you are missing out! Engagement on social networks helps build up important signals for search. Social and search play well together. Business-to-Business is a bit of a struggle on social media but consumers and clients respond well to retail, service, and product manufactures online that are active on their social platforms. Make the most of these ‘free’ resources by posting regularly, offering unique content, and engaging with your target audiences. A mix of 70/20/10 is the industry standard. 70% of the time, you should be posting engaging, meaningful content focused on user needs and relevant tips for your industry. 20% of your content on social should be industry specific; touting your knowledge or news related to the audience. Only 10% of your posts should be self-promoting. Happy socializing and Happy St. Patrick’s...

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Social Media Workshop and More: Nossi Celebrates 40 Years!

Forty years ago, in 1973, Nossi Vatandoost was teaching art in a small kitchen to a few students. Taking her passion for art and instruction, she opened Nossi College of Art to serve the art student communities in Nashville and surrounding states. This year, Nossi College of Art is celebrating 40 years in Nashville with a party. On Saturday, November 9th, from 1pm to 5pm, you can meet Ms. Nossi and view some of her artwork that has not been exhibited in years. The college will also be offering several free, mini-workshops hosted by Nossi faculty members. One workshop will be held by C.SEO’s own Chris Turner, who is an instructor at the Nashville campus. Staying in line with the course he is currently teaching, Social Media Design, Chris will be offering a workshop on Social Media. Social Media is the #1 activity on the Web (according to Socialnomics). Individuals and brands have a black and white choice – join in on the conversations to manage their reputation or let the web manage it for them. In this workshop, explore the do’s and don’ts of social media plus review four major tips for success online. There will also be a few search optimization tips as well; social is part of a complete SEM package. Learn more about Nossi by visiting them online at Nossi.edu. To get details on the workshops and to RSVP, please visit our Event...

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The New MySpace… and JT.

Bringing Se… MySpace Back. (or at least making a valiant attempt to…) Our old lover is back with a new groove. If you hadn’t heard or are not a fan of Justin Timberlake (aka JT), you may have missed [or ignored] the opportunity to get back in bed with your high school sweet heart. Gone are the days of bedazzled backgrounds and Mafia Wars; MySpace is looking to reinvent not only itself but the web savvy music artists that made it famous. In times past, the plan was to focus on music groups and artist to give them a social platform they could use for promotions and fan engagement. However, the original MySpace was quickly overrun with corresponding, spammers, businesses, and preteens without clear purpose or direction. As a result users lost interest and the site became an after thought; old world relic really, of the late 90’s. As 2013 rolled in, MySpace started offering glimpses of their new M.O.: slick interfaces, a propensity for side scrolling over vertical scrolling and a new way to share/engage with others. After receiving my invite months following the original request from August, I walked through a few screens to setup my new space. That’s right! This new version requires a new setup and none of your connections are ported over. There maybe plans to do so later on, but as of right now no details are available concerning the migration of old ‘spaces’ to the new. No worries though, your old profile, friends and information are all still available through the old access paths. The new profiles feature clean lines and a lot of positive white space indicative of modern sites. The setup of a new user profile only takes a few minutes followed by a quick breakdown of the navigation and user options. As Greg Finn stated in his post, it is very “Tumblr-Like” and that isn’t a bad thing. I like Tumblr’s simplistic way of offering posts and MySpace’s layout is following suit, only with side scrolling. As Facebook announced it’s Graph Search, MySpace released the new site to the world following the release of Justin Timberlake’s first single in seven years, Suit & Tie. The reason MySpace is such a JT supporter is because he is one of the main investors in the site, according to numerous sources including CNN & Fortune. With JT as a staunch supporter, is it possible that MySpace may get it’s sex appeal back and woo users to return? In the eyes of many tech writers the answer is a resounding and sad, no. After the short, self guided tour you are left to your own devices. This was the first I have to say I didn’t like. With so much pomp and circumstance, I thought there would be a bit more to the tutorial but no, run free little starving artist, run free. The reasoning behind this could be that the discovery of the new features could be a welcomed adventure for some or it could be that the developers thought it fit with the target demographic; whatever the case, you will be on your own at that point. As you navigate through you will find beautiful layouts, images and elements but may become frustrated with the ‘friending’ process as well as a number of features. Feel free to connect with me if you’re out there, https://new.myspace.com/darth_quo_chang. The Wrapper What’s my opinion on this version of MySpace? It’s beautiful but it still lacks what every website needs: purpose. In a world where everyone and their angry cat have a blog or website, why...

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Facebook’s Graph Search

Introducing Graph Search, by Facebook Just when you thought we were done with new search engines and change… BAM! Facebook hits us with their own version of search, Graph Search. This unique offering is not a ‘traditional’ search engine. Just as with any engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko, etc.) the Facebook Graph Search (GS) will scour an indexed database to find what a user searches for. The difference? The index is composed only of content available on Facebook, according to users’ privacy setting and the searcher’s association with the data. As the official release from Tom Stocky and Lars Rasmussen points out, “When Facebook first launched, the main way most people used the site was to browse around, learn about people and make new connections. Graph Search takes us back to our roots and allows people to use the graph to make new connections.” That being the case, my first question or concern comes from the friend making element, making friends become less genuine and isn’t that part of Facebook policy to only make friends with individuals you actually know? According to a post from Josh Constine, in some instances users were prevented from friending others because of either some type of friending system protection or too many requests in a given period. I will be interested to see how this is impacted by GS. I know I have come across these types of ‘errors’ fairly recently and can understand their purpose, but if a secondary purpose of GS is to “make new connections” as the release says, then they have to alter these restraints. In a related discussion, Mark Zuckerberg shares a zinger that offers some insight into this new change’s purpose according to one webmasters view of the video press conference, “Graph Search is designed to take a precise query and return to you the answer, not the links where you might get the answer. ” In essence, Graph Search is Facebook’s answer to Google, the way Google+ was their answer to Facebook. Google has struggled to bring a feasible social offering in the past and made numerous mistakes along the way. I am sure that Facebook will make a number of errors as it begins to challenge the search giant. Why am I focusing on Google and not Bing too? Good that you ask. From viewing and interacting with some of the functions of the beta form of Graph, it is clear that Bing has been involved in the development process and stands to share the benefits if GS should take off as hoped. In doing some suggested searches as mentioned in the release note for, say “restaurants in San Francisco,” a number of results will be displayed along with Bing results that involve maps and organic listings. Bing results in Facebook is nothing new, that is an old partnership. It appears, with Graph Search, the partnership has never been stronger and they are now ‘going steady.’ Along with the information in the release, Facebook offers a link: [For how Graph Search can help people discover your business, visit Facebook Studio.] As you guessed, this is where the money is. Businesses will be key players in leveraging the new application as they can promote themselves and their wares in the service. Currently, there are no new ad layouts or changes to existing sponsorship plans. As we know, that will most certainly change. Although Facebook could leave GS in beta indefinitely, but there is value in bringing a product out of beta and into alpha or general release. One being that stock holders investors sponsors are more...

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