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Internet Privacy

The article, Privacy on the Internet: Issues and implications, offers a great statement from The Code of Canon Law when it states, “Information does not simply occur; it has to be sought.” Referring back to early articles and courses, there is a point at which raw data and details become information, then there is a transition from information into knowledge. This is why, in this learner’s opinion, information security and privacy are so important; with the smallest private details, malicious individuals or groups can wreck havoc. Individuals uninitiated to the risks the exist in the current technological climate may take online security for granted. Many individuals in society nowadays understand the dangers that are ever present because: 1) they have experienced some type of threat, exploit, invasion of privacy, or fraud 2) have had training or education concerning the dangers of the Internet age. Deeper in the article by Nguyen, talks about things such as dataveillance, data gathering, cookies and Internet privacy. For younger members of the household, there are a number of free services that can entice these users into sharing ‘little’ details or visiting seemingly safe websites that can install threats onto a home computer. Unbeknownst to an adult user, these threats may gather or watch for opportunities to steal very sensitive details as users enter information on websites. For this reason, it is necessary to have proper protections installed in the way of antivirus programs, authentication, restriction and website filters for not only younger users but overall. Nguyen, F. (2007). Privacy on the Internet: Issues and implications. Philippine Canonical Forum, 9,...

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My Ideas on Marketing Online (part 3)

For this final part, I just wanted to include some simple guidelines I use for my social media marketing. I don’t do a lot of this because most of my job is to build marketable websites, copy-writing, or graphic design; but it doesn’t hurt to learn more about the entire marketing environment. I have spoken with TV marketing professionals about television and TiVo’s impact, radio specialist on what Satellite Radio has done to broadcast advertising; and I just wonder… What will be the next user focused technology that will cause an evolution in the way internet marketing will be driven or how advertisers will attempt to spend their marketing dollars? Who knows but I’m sure we won’t have to wait too much longer. I mean, Atlanta is a test ground for city wide free Wi-fi! I even heard a rumor that at some point in the near future a large organization was going to release VOIP or cellular access for telephone communications to the public. In other words, free cellphone use to phones enabled to use the protocols. What would that do to the world? Anyway, here are my ideas on some of the social media outlets for marketing. As I mentioned in part two we looked at how to be audience focused as well as the why, what and where; here we look at some of the mediums to accomplish this. These are rules I follow, but they’re not the Ten Crack Commandments but it works for me (feedback or ideas welcome). Nevertheless, let me give you some key “Golden Rules” of some big marketing avenues. *As with anything internet, there are not true ‘rules’ for the internet road, only guidelines and socially accepted parameters; avoid deprecated practices, look it up novice… Twitter:Advantages – Twitter has all but replaced PR agency as a large percentage of our followers are press and analysts. Disadvantages – Because you have limited space to make the point duplicate posting, follower sculpting, anduseful posts are the name of the marketers game here. Rules of Engagement:1. or the like – Allows for inputting several tweets while designating when to actually post them.2. Mobile Applications – For fast access to info or to post fresh pics, links, or additional ‘no marketing’ relatedtweets (effective when used in conjunction with an auto delivery system).3. Cross Marketing – Find a service like to auto update all social outlets with each tweet or post, duh. Google Reviews:Advantages – Adds reviews to indexed links, maps, and across much of Google’s network; allow for better positioning. Disadvantages – Stringent security means lots of work to get viable reviews in and accepted. (Black Hated!!) Rules of Engagement:1. Setting up Avatars for real client reviews seems acceptable and reasonable.2. Be honest with wording and language… most humans going to the length of reading a review about something are a warm lead. Don’t mess it up with illogical gobbity gook (always wanted to say that).3. Best for retailers with large stock, several products, distributors and/or companies with multiplemarketing competitors. Blogger or Related Blog system:“Quite a few bloggers talked about nuisance blog posts clogging the web and the bad noise drowning out thegood. Frequency of blog posts should be dictated by the quality of what you have to say. If you’ve createda blog for the right reason(s), then you are passionate about your topic and should have plenty of usefulinformation to share. “Many bloggers also agree that blogging frequency is dictated by the type of blog you have. News blogs, ofcourse, would be at the most frequent end of the scale. Thoughtful and...

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