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The Power of Social Media – Pornography is the minority

Yet, another informative and quality video presenting facts that we all need to know. (At least people using the internet…) Thank you...

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My Ideas on Marketing Online (part 2)

Okay, going right into it for part two, lets elaborate on what we discussed in this undisclosed meeting of the minds. Understanding: 1. Know the target audience. Like a Hot Date, self explanatory… if you don’t get that, stop reading. 2. Understand their circumstances (in most situations, you get 145 characters to get to the point, the same goes for most audiences). 3. Profile 100%. Avatars, Personas, Alter Egos welcome. We spend our lives figuring out who we are; alongthe way you are sure to find several, “me, myself, and I’s” so use one suitable for your profile audience (see number 1). Integration: 1. Make it Viable. No matter what the medium (Google Reviews, Twitter, Blogger, etc.) your marketing link should contain useful key terms without frivolous jargon. 2. Promote through Presence. Just posting something and vanishing is useless in most situation; creating a dialog, getting feedback or initializing a string creates unique, powerful, effective content at no cost to you. Except taking the time to get the ball rolling. 3. Be Useful for a visitor. Give them something they need, in a way they understand, that is mutuallybeneficial. Networking: 1. “Follow, Teach, Show, Request so ye shall be Also.” To build a network of valuable ‘clients’ or potential customers, follow individuals that give you feedback, ReTweet your post, Trackback, etc. 2. “Let the Crowd lead you.” With online marketing following the crowd can be the best meter of what is popular, what is working, new avenues, and what may be bad ideas (or good ones). 3. “Be Selective.” Although you want to open the flood gates and get as many followers as possible, not everyone will be good for you to allow. e.g. Tina’s Hoe Bin, Vivian’s Vixens, etc. Without a fundimental understanding of link structure, nofollows, blockers and such you may open the floodgates to viruses or loose followers who object to that type of...

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