E-Commerce: A Valuable Opportunity

E-commerce is on an upward trend. In a global culture that has become accustom to having a ‘right here, right now’ commercial environment, e-commerce is an unavoidable necessity for any business. Just a few years ago, e-commerce was restricted to simple products such as books, small electronics and equipment, parts and shippable items. Nowadays, e-commerce systems like Magento, offer businesses, large and small, the ability to market, track and sell any type of product or service. The primary business motivation for moving to an e-commerce platform is the possibility of generating revenue 24/7 from a global community. An addition value is in the fact that running an online retail or product store front is considerably less costly than traditional store locations; with reduced or no overhead cost associated with running a ‘store.’ For companies utilizing e-commerce to truly maximize their online presence, they have to treat their e-commerce site(s) as they would a brick-and-mortar location. This includes staffing their ‘online store’ with customer service representatives (CSRs), finding prime real-estate (e.g. high organic ranking in search engine result pages [SERPs]), offering discounts and specials for ‘foot traffic’ to the online locations and even advertising online. The online culture is a community and society all its own, to disregard the importance of this ‘virtual reality’ in regards to the value it provides an organization is a grave...

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