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Where did ChocolateSEO come from?

Chris, just relaxing

Nashville SEO and SEM Specialist, Chris Turner aka ChocolateSEO

ChocolateSEO was created by Chris in 2011. Using a network of dedicated developers, designers, search marketing specialist, and content creators, Chris leads C.SEO teams in fulfilling client needs. He felt it was important to create an environment where the clients were a part of their marketing plan and understood exactly what was going on. His goal with any client is to become an extension of his or her company, to generate the most value possible for everyone involved while also educating and informing them on the latest elements involved in SEO/SEM.

The title, ‘Chocolate SEO’ also known as CSEO came out of a moment of great inspiration while Chris was climbing Mount Everest to rescue a baby seal from global warming… Yea. That is a total fabrication. Honestly, Chris has a very good sense of humor (obviously) and while working with a client interested in targeting keywords related to a popular chocolate manufacturer (which had no relevance, mind you, on their business) Chris stated something to the affect, “If you want to know something about chocolate and SEO, I can help you with that!”

BOOM! A flash of inspiration and moment of serendipity led Chris to the desire to brand himself as ‘THE’ Chocolate SEO. The term has multiple meanings but ‘chocolate’ does refer to the fact that Chris is African American and is part of a small minority of black entrepreneurs working to change the world through the work they feel passionate about. Along with this, Chris is in an even smaller minority when it comes to African-Americans in an IT profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, African-Americans make up only 9.1% of the IT workforce. Read more about this in the article, Information Technology: The State of Affairs for Blacks featured in The Network Journal.

Who is this chocolate Chris?

Chris was born and partially raised in West Philadelphia. His father’s work caused the family to move around often – so Chris never had a ‘settled’ existence growing up. Nevertheless, having lived all over the United States, including New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago, different parts of Colorado, Vegas, and Charleston, Chris has taken the various environments, situations, and people that crossed his path all as opportunities for growth and dynamic character.

“I often feel like I can acclimate to a number of settings, with any variety of people fairly easily. It makes for great conversations and even better brainstorming.”

In March of 2005, Chris moved to Nashville to settle down and be closer to family after a short stint in the United States Air Force.

Shortly after planting himself in Nashville, Chris started attending school to further his knowledge in IT; completing his bachelor’s degree in Information technology from the University of Phoenix. He will also have completed his master’s studies for a degree in information systems during the spring of 2012.

Chris has literally worked in every industry. Ten years of experience in Restaurant Management & Operations (yes that included flipping burgers and tossing pizzas), five years in computer technologies, computer applications, and even ran a small business for a period. He brings this passion for excellence in managing and process oriented systems to every consulting opportunity, project and team he is a part of.

When he is not continuing his education or working for the SMBs served by South Central Digital, Chris can be found spending time with his family.

“I have been giving the greatest honor of being a father to three beautiful girls, ages 13, 6 & 4 and the future president of the United States, William (2). I was also lucky enough to come by the most loving and understanding woman I have ever met. She is what made ChocolateSEO and many of my dreams a reality.”

Chris' Family

The Turner Family (photo by: April Dietz Photography)

That’s good and all but what about your SEO experience?

Chris was a part of the foundation of the Interactive Marketing Firm Local Search Masters of Nashville. During his four years with LSM, Chris gained experience in programming and other hypertext languages, general copy writing, sales analysis, Google applications and analytics, Raven SEO Tools, pay per click management, web site design and implementation, and business management.

“Working with any small business can be challenging and will stretch one’s abilities – it was this that made the work we did and continue to do so rewarding!”

Working closely with the operations manager, account managers and executives, Chris managed, optimized, and designed web sites. In his varying roles with LSM, it was always Chris’ primary responsibility to ensure web site functionality and usability.

“The clients we helped enabled me to develop SEO strategies and implement SEO techniques that work. In addition, I gained a ton of experience in the use of analytic data to identify conversion successes and opportunities.”

Chris also worked as an SEO specialist for cj Advertising. Part of a team of SEO/SEM engineers that develop customized strategies for the agency’s clients’ Personal Injury Brands that improve their web-based marketing.

Along with the work of C.SEO, SCD and a family, Chris is also an instructor at Nossi College of Art. At Nossi, you can find Chris teaching Social Media Design (SM 280) or Web Design (WD 285).

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