"Search engine marketing is more than SEO, more than websites; the users are organic and ever changing."

The Internet is always evolving, so your marketing has to be organic as well.

About Us

Where did ChocolateSEO come from?

Chris, just relaxing

Nashville SEO and SEM Specialist, Chris Turner aka ChocolateSEO

ChocolateSEO was created by Chris in 2011. Using a network of dedicated developers, designers, search marketing specialist, and content creators, Chris leads C.SEO teams in fulfilling client needs. He felt it was important to create an environment where the clients were a part of their marketing plan and understood exactly what was going on.

SEO/SEM Services

Search Engine Specialists: What do you do?

There are a number of components that make up a complete SEM strategy. No SEO, individual, firm, or agency, can ever guarantee online marketing success without identifying what success will look like or how they will get you there (Nor can anyone promise or guarantee #1 rankings in any search engine). It is our passion at ChocolateSEO to maximize clients marketing through designing and assembling a strategy that is

  1.  Simple, yet effective
  2. Contains clear milestones and goals
  3. Offers value.

Every marketing situation is different and every client is unique, even so, there are key components of an Internet marketing strategy that are the standard assortment.

Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

About Online Marketing

We are frequently asked the question, what is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing? Well, there isn’t a difference – mainly because search engine optimization is a component of search engine marketing. In a complete SEM solution, clients will have all aspects of online marketing: pay-per-click, display advertising, social media, SEO, public relations, reputation management, copy writing, conversion strategy, lead generation, and a plethora of other solutions. Determining what solutions are right for you is something you and your SEO (such as ChocolateSEO) should discuss. I know it goes against traditional online marketing to cut out opportunities, but PPC isn’t right for everyone, maybe you don’t want to use Twitter for your flooring company, who knows!