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Years of experience has taught us that we can teach or we can do when it comes to web design. No one likes to be put into a box, let alone graphic designers. If you have ever worked with a graphic designer or web developer, you may have a bitter taste in your mouth from the whole experience. Well, I’m sure they do too. The reason this happens is because web clients are often business minded and literal, while most designers are abstract. In truth, the two need each other – like Yin and Yang, but getting the business minded and free spirit to work well together can be difficult.

To make the process of web design easy we offer a clear, simple six step process for building small to medium-sized web sites that work!

1. Initial meeting – At this meeting we discuss your goals: what do you want your website to do? Are there any specific aspects you hate about websites, any aspects you have to have? During the meeting we will determine whether we are a right fit for you. Maybe one of our partners can provide you with the website of your dreams or maybe you need a robust e-commerce solution, customized for your product – we know great agencies for both!

2. Questionnaire – If we both feel good and can agree on the goals, we will give you a questionnaire that will help translate your vision of your website into words we can follow. The questionnaire will make you think of things that graphically represent you, your brand, and how you are hoping to share you product or service with the world wide web!

3. Scope – Using notes from the meeting and your questionnaire, we will design a scope for your web project. In the scope we will define milestones, functions, expectations, and key areas of the website. The scope will set the standard for the final product we produce for you; once finalized, the scope will not be changed. Changing the scope can lead to a number of issues and will cause you more headaches than we want to give you (we only want to give you a few, ha!). Honestly, the reason you may have a bad taste from past design projects maybe due to changes in the unwritten or written scope of the project.

4. Wireframing – This is when we create a semi working draft of your website. The wireframe will contain draft content, stock images, and unfinished media. In this version of your website you will get to see the moving parts and make changes, minor ones related to the specific wireframe block, to ensure you are pleased with the site as it is built.

5. Finalization and launch – As a final step before launching, we will review the scope with you to ensure your satisfaction and make absolutely sure we are meeting the agreed expectations with the final version. The wonderful thing about having an SEO specialist involved in the development process is that your site will be well optimized at it’s launch!

6. Maintenance and updates – An often overlooked aspect of websites is their maintenance. As with any technology, updates and changes occur often in Internet solutions. Along with this we will manage forms and leads to limit the volume of spam that reaches you. Included in the maintenance plan are ongoing SEO services as well as regular webmaster changes (i.e. content updates, business information, pictures, etc.).

Requesting A Web Design Quote

Let us help get you where you want to be. With our process for websites, you can be confident that your thoughts, ideas, and feelings will be included in the design process. Contact us today at 615.669.9106 to learn even more about our services and how we can help you find your marketing sweet spot!