Updates on Social Media Strategies & Updates on Facebook Organic Reach

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in content & content optimization, Social Media

As 2016 comes to a close (good riddance, too!) We’ve seen some significant updates to the way that people are using social media in 2017. We’ve also noticed some declines in Facebook posts’ Organic Reach, which we’ll cover in this post, too. Let’s get started!

What’s Trending? Well, a lot of the same stuff that we saw in 2016, but with a continued emphasis on mobile.


Facebook is pushing their messenger app harder than ever, and all of the top instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, HeyTell, and Viber) have more users than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram according to Forbes. That’s a HUGE pool of people, and millennials are driving this trend. Messaging is their preferred form of communication.

Marketers are also taking notice. A lot of Facebook ads now come with a chat feature, and service websites are seeing similar popup chat-boxes. Users want to connect directly with your brands, so if you don’t already have a bot in place like to contact a new follower via message, you may want to consider something like Botsify or Chatfuel that gets the conversation started (It’s also worth nothing that these bots are a trend in themselves, also making the rounds in social conversations and message boards.)


Another big trend expected to grow in 2017 are Live Videos. Instagram introduced their live video feed this year, and Facebook live launched. Candace Payne went viral with her Chewbacca mask, and Facebook and Instagram are backing these live video efforts.

Facebook’s algorithm pushes live video to the top of your feed (and more on why you’re seeing what you’re seeing in your Facebook feed and the decline of organic reach in a second,) and Instagram notifies you when a friend stars a live message. Now even major news and media sites are using live video on their feeds.

Ok, so you’re messaging, you have your live videos – but my posts aren’t reaching as far as they used to!

No, they aren’t. Facebook updated their newsfeed algorithm for a few reasons:

One is that there is too much content being published to Facebook. More than a billion people use Facebook, and with all of those posts, photos or updates, it’s harder for content to show up on your feed for any significant amount of time. This led to the next reason for the algorithm change: Facebook’s algorithm update prioritizes posts from family and friends.

Users are getting content more specifically for them, as opposed to all of the content that could show up on your feed. You’ll notice ads based on recent online searches or page likes, and the rest of the posts from people you have followed. This is to prevent users from getting overwhelmed from the sheer amount of content in their feeds, and to help users get content that is specifically tailored to them.

However, you can counteract these changes a little bit with something you already have in your SEO toolbox:

Keep publishing quality content.

Being more selective about your posts means your followers will notice an update.

The Wrapper

Boost posts for maximum reach. All it takes is $10-$20 to get a lot more reach, and if you boost high-quality posts that are doing well on their own, you’ll maximize your dollars spent. Also, periodically remind your followers/page fans that they can update their settings to see your content in their news feeds. We’ve all come to expect a simple “Like, share and subscribe!” with our posts or as outros to our videos, and that simple of a call to action can be enough to get back to the top of that feed!

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