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Search Engine Specialists: What do you do?

There are a number of components that make up a complete SEM strategy. No SEO, individual, firm, or agency, can ever guarantee online marketing success without identifying what success will look like or how they will get you there (Nor can anyone promise or guarantee #1 rankings in any search engine). It is our passion at ChocolateSEO to maximize clients marketing through designing and assembling a strategy that is

  1.  Simple, yet effective
  2. Contains clear milestones and goals
  3. Offers value.

Every marketing situation is different and every client is unique, even so, there are key components of an Internet marketing strategy that are the standard assortment. Within most SEM solutions you will find:

Search Engine Optimization

Although search engine optimization (SEO) is a pretty common term, and has even been turned into a verb like ‘Google’, it is still misunderstood. SEO is the act of implementing changes and strategies to present a given web site or page for a set of relevant topics and/or keywords. In short, SEO is optimizing a website for the web – like a mechanic builds, repairs, maintains, and prepares a car for the highway. This does not mean that SEO involves everything that is ‘web.’ SEO is not all inclusive – doing just ‘SEO’ will not provide as much value (ROI) as incorporating it into a larger, full -scale business strategy. At CSEO, SEO really means optimize.

Link Building

Any SEO will tell you that since the middle of the last decade, links have been one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking well with the search engines. Something else they will tell you is that it is time consuming, mildly frustrating, and powerful. The idea behind link building is to build genuine online ‘popularity’ in the eyes of search engine robots through citations on websites – other than the one the links are pointing to. In other words, link building is the digital version of word of mouth, as more sites link to your site, users and search engines alike will view your site as a credible source for the topics you are linked to by.

Social Media

The true definition of social media in marketing circles is, “that thing we have to do to be relevant – daily.” Just kidding (kind of). Social media is an important step and process for engaging your relevant audience. If done properly, social media can be a great tool for building long-lasting, profitable relationships with customers. In the world of instant gratification, social media allows consumers to share their experiences with brands to their collection of friends, followers, and tweeters.

Data Analysis

You may hear a lot about ‘data driven decisions’ or ‘strategic planning’ but what does that really mean in terms of SEO? Involved in making effective marketing decisions and determining the best solution for your site is, at least with ChocolateSEO, the use of analytical and statistical information. Using a number of resources like RavenTools, Google Trends, and Moz Tools, we determine a number of key elements that affect your online success:

  1. Target Audience
  2. Readability and education levels
  3. User technology specifications
  4. Value of content
  5. Usability

There are a number of other items that should play into the online marketing strategy, but these should be customized for you, your site(s), and your unique users.

Website Design

Years of experience has taught us that we can teach or we can do when it comes to web design. No one likes to be put into a box, let alone graphic designers. If you have ever worked with a graphic designer or web developer, you may have a bitter taste in your mouth from the whole experience. Well, I’m sure they do too. The reason this happens is because web clients are often business minded and literal, while most designers are abstract. In truth, the two need each other – like Yin and Yang, but getting the business minded and free spirit to work well together can be difficult.

Search Engine Marketing

We are frequently asked the question, what is the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing? Well, there isn’t a difference – mainly because search engine optimization is a component of search engine marketing. In a complete SEM solution, clients will have all aspects of online marketing: pay-per-click, display advertising, social media, SEO, public relations, reputation management, copywriting, conversion strategy, lead generation, and a plethora of other solutions. Determining what solutions are right for you is something you and your SEO (such as ChocolateSEO) should discuss.

Whether you are looking for a Nashville SEO/SEM consultant or national partner, we maybe able to help either way. If we cannot help you, we can provide partners that can! It all starts with first contact. Call us at 615.669.9106 or use the quick contact form, thank you!