Google Expanding Their Business Offerings for SMBs

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017 in Google Maps, Google Updates, Local Optimization

With so much happening in the world with businesses, regulations, and consumer engagement, it was only a matter of time before Google began working on ways to expand it’s reach (and revenue) through SMBs. Google+ was one of the first foray into these types of efforts, beyond Google Local and Google My Business.

Google Hire

By now, you likely heard about Google Hire or Hire with Google. This function is now enabled and allows job seekers to find available job posts right in the search results. Are career placement services, staffing services, and job search tools a thing of the past? No, of course not. Concierge career services help both businesses and job seekers connect, often taking on the role of hiring manager or talent agent. Google is not going to operate in this capacity. The hiring application is really a job posting solution for businesses.

Google acquired Bebop, a startup focused on productivity and enterprise tools, in 2015, that is the backbone–we believe–of this functionality. The tool isn’t fully active yet but offering to let you sign up for announcements at

Google Posts Via Google My Business

Access to the Google Posts is found in Google My Business. Enabled accounts should show a “Posts” option for your business listing(s). The posts can be from 100-300 words, feature for images, videos, and GIFs like most social media updates but Google Post will only display the first 100 words of your Post (ref. RevLocal, Google Apps). Posts appear directly in Google search results, as such they are extremely quick to load. Business posts can contain a status update (similar to something you’d post on social media) or an image. Some appear as a carousel of images and text; searchers can use right and left arrows to scroll through the post contents.

Google Posts for Local Businesses

Posts appear on your Google business listing. Customers can tap to read the full post, and they can also share your post with their friends directly from Google.

Despite what some outlets are saying about these updates (looking at you SEL), these changes are inline with Google’s business model and desire to focus on business. Why should Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms have all the social fun? The concern however, with these and other changes like AMP, are that Google is taking content from the businesses, websites, and references. Historically, the search engine facilitated traffic reaching the content on the site’s of the content owner. SEL and others worry that as Google continues to use content, resources, and details from publishers, users won’t reach the properties themselves, reducing the value of organic for these businesses.

The Wrapper

The concern is valid, but ultimately, Google can’t be every business, provide every product, solve all the problems. Is it right that they play intermediary? No, not really, but in the end, users and consumers reach the answers to their queries by finding the businesses that can help them through a mixture of digital solutions, to include Google.

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